About Us

Skyward was established in 2005, starting off with just the owners Josh and Dan. Throughout the years our team has grown and continue to come up with innovative ways to stay on top in a changing market. While our main business is buying and selling homes we also expanded into the loft and condo market in Royal Oak and surrounding areas.

Our Team

Skyward Group is an eclectic group of well rounded, knowledgeable professionals ready to help you buy, sell, or lease your dream home, condo, or loft. Our unique knowledge of Metro Detroit area separates us from other offices in the area. We have our finger on the pulse of the ever changing market.

Skyward Agents

  • Roberto Calderon
  • Joe Landis
  • Chris Lynn
  • Shaun Neyholt
  • Dan Dubensky
  • Joe Jacobs
  • Josh Taylor
  • Jeff Watson
  • Sarah Cormier
  • Steven Bostic
  • Lauren Schradle
  • Cameron Stevenson
  • Nick Kawala
  • Berkley Bill